Monday, 18 August 2008

The Olympics is Killing Me

Well OK not literally, obviously, but it is definitely reminding me that I'm not as young as I used to be.

Considering the gymnastics and swimming finals have been on at silly o'clock in the morning I have been very good and only got up for the Women's Team and Women's Overall gymnastics competitions which started at 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. respectively. Now I fully expected to be shattered on those two days, but no, days later I'm still falling asleep at the slightest opportunity. Now if there is one thing I can't do, it is nap, instead of waking up refreshed I simply walk around like a zombie for the next hour or so. Husband, of course, is a professional napper. I'm sure it's a man thing.

To make matters worse the house is slowly falling apart around me. With all the action in the rowing, cycling and athletics to watch this weekend, on top of the gymnastics and swimming, when were you meant to do simple things like get dressed and eat, let alone do any housework? The sum total of my housework effort over the last 4 days is emptying the dishwasher, twice, managing one lot of clothes washing, cooking Sunday dinner and going to Sainsburys. I wouldn't have got to Sainsburys but for the fact that the Olympics finished at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon. I didn't dare move away from the telly on Saturday in case I'd miss another medal for team GB.

On top of that there has been no stitching and no trips to the gym or pool, I'm too shattered. It must be bad because I haven't even got any withdrawal symptoms from not walking the hills. I'm a bit of a hill junkie, if I don't get out walking and see a hill I get very irritable. Some people get high on drugs, for me it's hills. It's no accident that my desk looks out over the Chevin, which is the ridge overlooking Belper.

I actually need to walk and see hills. When I was in plaster with a broken leg Husband had to take me to Carsington Water so as that I could go round it on crutches, obviously not the whole 8 miles but I did a good few. As soon as the plaster was replaced with a splint he took me to Barber Booth in the High Peak so as that I could walk along the Jacob's Ladder path and get to look at some proper hills. I got some very strange looks I can tell you but oh boy did I feel a lot better.

The one good thing, is that at least the fact my computer has blown up, again, isn't bothering me too much. I haven't got time to do the things I should be doing on it anyway!! I've borrowed Husband's computer to post this entry.

Well I guess now that the action has finished for the day I'd better go and see if I can find my kitchen, especially as Son has just been cooking in it!!!

Thankfully the Olympics does end this week and after tomorrow the only sport I'm really interested in is the athletics, so hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.

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Redwitch said...

Hi Angela - our Sugar Loaf is near Abergavenny, South Wales.,_Wales

I wish I was as fit as you obviously are! Hope you enjoy the rest of the Olympics :)