Monday, 4 August 2008

Mam Tor

Saturday was one of those days when somehow or other you get an awful lot done and you wonder why it doesn't happen like that all the time.
For once I could sit down in the evening knowing that the house was completely clean, the washing and ironing was up-to-date and there was fresh batch of gingerbread muffins ready to take walking with us the next day. Yet despite achieving so much I had also managed to watch a considerable amount of the cricket, go to the gym and fall asleep in the afternoon and fit some stitching in during the evening.

Sunday saw us heading towards Castleton to do a walk that Husband picked which is very unusual these days. Normally when I ask him where he wants to walk I get; 'You decide'. When I asked him the same question on Saturday the reply came back instantly: 'Lose Hill, Mam Tor & Cavedale'. So that's where we went, not somewhere I would choose to do on a Sunday in the middle of the summer holidays but as it is Husband's favourite walk how could I refuse.

Looking along the Mam Tor ridge from Back Tor.

Cavedale with Peveril Castle above it.

One advantage of all the weekend's housework is that now that I have done a bit more catching up on my website and already been for a swim (54 lengths today) I can spend the afternoon stitching.


Hazel said...

Great walk. I love Castleton. I am going with my friend Amanda on Saturday to the Bakewell show. Say hi if you spot me!! xx

Karan said...

Would you believe, my DS & some friends walked Mam Tor the weekend before - & it was a very hot day.
Nice stash. :0)
(Sorry - still on my post-holiday catch up with blogs).